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Disney Vacations

Step into the movies at Walt Disney World! Disney is a sensory experience. It takes some planning and some knowledge of the parks to have a great time. Learn from our trips to see the mouse to have your own great family vacation

Why Our Autism Family Loves Disney

Scouting For Special Needs

ScoutsBSA (Formerly known as the Boy Scouts) is an exceptional organization which is very accommodating to special needs. My son with autism is an Eagle Scout. Let me share some experience with you.

Short Getaways

Families with special needs requirements think that long term vacations are an impossible option. Start out with short getaways to find out your family’s groove. I can help here.

The Best Experience Ever

"I have found that vacations can be fun and relaxing. There needs to be some advanced work on when, where and how you need to accomodate for special needs at the vacation destinations you want to try out. Don't go into vacation planning blind. Let me help you have a great time."
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Angela Zizak
Disney and Vacation Travel Planner

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