It’s simple:

Guiding autism families to the support they need to feel rejuvenated, encouraged, and reconnected through exploration, travel and vacations.


What can YOUR AUTISM GUIDE do for YOU?


FIRST… I want to empower you with beneficial resources and lessons I have learned from our travels. Each category under the “Your Guide to…” contains important resources to help you make the most of your adventures:

  • DISNEY: information on the whole vacation experience (parks and cruises) from the early planning stages until after you come home, PLUS MORE!
  • GREAT OUTDOORS & SCOUTING: suggestions for camping and scouting experiences that may be most suitable for those looking to get back to nature.
  • STAYCATIONS: tips on making the most of short day or few-day trips close to home.
  • PLANNING TOOLS: valuable and information for parents, such as trip assessments, planning and packing tips, ways to access respite services, inspiration, and more!


SECOND… As a personal travel planner for Smart Moms Travel, I provide complimentary assistance in planning your own trips to incredible destinations.

That’s right…it’s completely FREE of charge!

  • Because I know autism personally, I have a greater understanding of your family life. I GET IT!
  • As a “Certified Autism Travel Professional”, I am trained professionally to recognize the potential sensory triggers at different destinations as well as accommodations to ensure a more relaxing and fun vacation!
  • With travel industry resources at my disposal, I can devote the time to research the best options in order to create a customized vacation package just for your family….so you don’t have to!
  • I keep track of the latest promotions, discounts, vendor updates, renovations, and special events.
  • I can help you during your trip: answer your questions, troubleshoot problems, and anything else that comes up!
  • I specialize in Disney vacations, but I can also help you plan cruises, inclusive vacations, theme parks (like Universal and others), cross-country train excursions, vacation homes, cabin rentals, hotels, and MORE!

–> Just click on the button “Free Consultation” or the link “Vacations” for more assistance in planning your dream trip!


Why Autism Families NEED to Travel

Perhaps I am “preaching to the choir” here: autism families have particular daily challenges compared to other families.  And just when those routines are mastered, something “new” comes along to disrupt the flow: a new schedule, a new environment, or a new group of people.

Well, a vacation is all three of those!

It’s not easy taking someone out of their comfort zone.  It’s even harder for those on the spectrum.

But sometimes the best growth happens in challenging situations.  It was no different for my autistic kids.  We made sure that the places we visited were fun and interesting for them. In those moments of joy they improved many skills: speech, sensory, executive-functioning, social communication, and basic self-help skills.  I can’t tell you how many times we were astounded by their progress happening while we traveled.

Vacations were also very important to me and my husband as parents. We could rest from the daily pressures of home and work.  These trips gave us a fresh perspective on our family life. The most important thing is to BE with our kids…to laugh, have fun, and simply enjoy each other’s company.  We still needed to plan out our trips well. But could let go of our worries for a while. The happy memories, the stronger relationships with each other, the personal growth…that makes taking trips so worthwhile!

From cruises to theme parks, camping to educational staycations…let me be Your Autism Guide!

To read about our own travel experiences and learn about the kinds of adventures that are possible for your family, click HERE.

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Find Respite…Connect with Joy… Explore the World!


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