Sharing Autism Travel Insights with “Traveling Mom”: Short Getaways

Your Autism Guides Shares Special Needs Insights with Traveling Mom

I was invited to share autism travel insights describing the reasons why short getaways are perfect for autistic children with the website Traveling Mom.

I discovered this web resource in a search to find helpful articles about traveling with autism.  This site contains a lot of useful information about different destinations written by other moms who had “been there, done that.”

Browsing the site I noticed an inquiry form to write for Traveling Mom.  Intrigued, I thought “why not.”

I applied.  And I was invited to write a guest post.

I submitted two ideas that related to our experiences traveling with two autistic children, one of which was accepted for publication.


Short Getaways are Sometimes Best

When I reflect upon the different traveling experiences as a family, I fondly think of our short simple vacations.  I go back through my photos and realize that we took as many as 4 or 5 little short getaways every year.  (It’s even more if we counted all of the Scout campouts.)

Sure, we had deep-lasting memories of long vacations to Disney and the Florida beaches.  But something about taking an impromptu trip made life a little more exciting.  We always had something to look forward to!

Our favorite getaways were waterparks, zoos, and interactive play-based museums.  We are blessed that we live within 2-4 hours of some incredible destinations.

Read about how we safely hiked Hocking Hill State Park (OH) here.

Ready about our trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum here.

Taking a quick getaway relieved stress through playful activities and relaxation. I also appreciate that mini-trips can take place over the weekend and not require a lot of money.

Despite most trips lasting only a couple of days, they had lasting impact on our family. I loved seeing the little improvements in social interaction or language that came just from having fun.


Writing with Autism Families in Mind

I totally understand the experience of a meltdown in a very public place. It feels like a million judgemental eyes upon you and your child.   And all you want to do is escape!

Obviously, not every trip will go according to plan.  But it’s reassuring for YOU to go somewhere closer to home if it doesn’t.

Your child needs a sense of security. Bringing along a “part of home” is reassuring for your CHILD when exploring a strange environment.

But whatever you do, don’t give up the idea of taking trips with your autistic child.  The world found in TV, computer and social media will never replace the real one.  Exploration of our world through travel can make one feel fully ALIVE!


Why I Felt Compelled to Write this Article

It breaks my heart when I read about a family’s reluctance to travel with their autistic child.

They don’t have to “go all out” in a grand vacation.  If their child is not ready for a week-long trip, make it a couple of days. It can still be a fun getaway!

Every little trip has lead us to bigger adventures over time.  I say, let your child explore the world in his/her own time and in his/her own way.

Discover many more reasons and benefits of taking short getaways with your autistic child in the article below.  I do hope you can find that the autism travel insights I share will inspire to start planning your own short getaway adventures!

Traveling with an Autistic Child: Reasons to Book a Short Family Getaway