Autism Travel Tips with Wolf+Friends

Autism Travel Tips with Wolf+Friends


Autism Travel Tips from Your Autism Guide…featured on “Wolf+Friends”


Just recently I had the pleasure of sharing some autism travel tips with PJ Feinstein, founder of the website and app “Wolf+Friends“. This helpful resource connects parents of special needs children with local therapists and well as other parents for a peer-to-peer support system.  Wolf+Friends also features terrific articles that highlight both the challenges and joys of raising those with autism and other diagnoses.


Here is the article featured on the Wolf+Friends app. (Simply download the app to continue reading the article.)


9 Things to Do Before Your Family Vacation

Angela Zizak, A Certified Autism Travel Professional, Offers Planning Tips For An Easier Trip.

By PJ Feinstein

Travel has always been a passion for Angela Zizak, so much so that the part-time adjunct instructor of sociology recently decided to become a travel planner. Drawing from her experience raising two teenagers with autism, she specializes in creating customized vacations for families with children on the spectrum. 

“When my daughter was six and my son was eight, we stayed at Walt Disney World for a week.  It was the first time we took advantage of an autism accommodation, and it made our trip even more magical,” says Angela. Now a certified autism travel professional, she runs the website Your Autism Guide, encouraging special needs families to step out of their comfort zone and explore exciting destinations.

Angela understands all too well that some travel experiences will be stressful but encourages parents to “think of them as ‘therapeutic growth experiences’’ for your autistic child and the whole family.” Traveling helped her kids to better cope with transitions and new environments, and she and her husband, Tony, learned to become more resilient and playful.

Angela shares 9 tips for parents who aren’t sure how to start planning a vacation with an autistic child or are just nervous about traveling in general.

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