Why You Should Rely on Someone with Autism Expertise for your Travel Planning


“I can just do it myself.”

I’ll admit it.  Most travel destinations have websites that make it easy to obtain quotes and book your own vacations.  Make no mistake, I have found the ease of just clicking a few links convenient to book a hotel.

But reserving a single hotel night on the web is not the same experience as planning a trip to Walt Disney World (or any other inclusive vacation).   In fact, it is night-and-day different.  A Walt Disney World vacation requires some well-thought-out strategies for a good experience. First-timers are often dumbfounded how complicated the process can be. Especially when they have a million question that the website can’t answer.

“Can I get a little help here?”

Does this sound like you? Ever frustrated by reservation call centers?

When I first planned a Disney trip I did not anticipate the total number of hours I would spend on the phone with the Disney reservation center.  Some “cast members” were helpful and have great advice; others not so much.

Every time I called I got someone new. They didn’t know me and my needs personally.

I also had to call several different numbers to get all of my questions answered. One number to book the room and tickets. One number to reserve dining.  One of the more frustrating experiences was calling up the disability center. Often the cast member could not answer my questions, making me wait for nearly 20 minutes while she searched the answers.  Often I would get inconsistent answers to the same questions.

UGH!  So frustrating!!

Did you know…?!

No matter if you call Disney directly or book through your own personal travel planner like myself, the price of your vacation is still the same.  In other words, by calling Disney YOURSELF you have spent all that precious time on the phone with several people who may or may not have answered all of your questions.

That is time you could have done others things.  And not only that, you have also lost out on the opportunity to rely on someone with a more well-rounded expertise on not just the parks and resorts but also on the types of accommodations for your specific family.  You lost the chance to get the best advice in making the most of your trip.

Let someone else do it for you…for FREE!

If you want ONE person who…

  • Knows YOU personally and your family’s vacation needs
  • You can rely on from the beginning “dream stage” of planning up to the end of your travels
  • Has “been-there-done-that” with her own family to acquire a deep knowledge of Walt Disney World
  • Has the time to wait on the phone with vendors for answers and requests
  • Can give you needed advice based on your accommodation needs and personal interests
  • Finds it fulfilling to help other autism families make the most of their vacation

…then I hope you will rely on me!

I Totally Get Autism!

I know autism very well. Both of my teen kids are autistic.

I addition, I am well aware that each person with autism can be very different from another. My son is skilled at language and writing but has weaker social skills. My daughter is great at making friends but has a hard time with understanding what others say and being understood.  They both have various challenges with executive functioning, particularly organization, time and transitioning.

Obviously, autistic individuals have unique needs.  Their home and school environments need customization to enhance personal growth and adaptability in a sensory-overloaded world. And autism families often rely on other parents with autistic kids for help to discover how to best help their own.

That is why I became a Certified Autism Travel Professional.  I understand the pros and cons of different vacation destinations for autism families.  You can rely on me to give you personal guidance in accessing cognitive-sensory accommodations…because I have experienced using those myself.  Most of all, when vacation destinations don’t have all the accommodations you need, I can encourage you to advocate for yourself with some helpful tips.

Ready for some reliable, knowledgeable, FREE personal travel assistance?

I find tremendous joy in traveling!  My greatest memories with my family as a child and as a parent has been taking unforgettable vacations and trips to fascinating places.

And along the way I have discovered my life’s calling: to help autism families and autistic individuals tap into that joy found in travel adventures and vacations. 

Contact me whenever your ready to begin planning the vacation or other travel destination you’ve been dreaming of!

I can’t wait to be “Your Autism Guide”!