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Because ALL deserve to experience a joyful life through travel and adventure, we direct those with cognitive-sensory differences and their families to…


Resources that encourage therapeutic exploration of our world near and far

Inspiration to go on challenging new journeys and learn life skills

Support to feel rejuvenated and reconnected with one another through travel


…Because adventure IS therapy!




As a mom of two autistic children, I know well the sensory challenges many with autism face in a “neurotypical world”.  But our family still embraced travel opportunities!  I want to inspire and encourage you to discover the joy, bonding and therapeutic growth that happens when autism families explore the world!


As a Certified Autism Travel Professional with a Masters in Social Work, I have a professional knowledge of needs assessment.  I am dedicated to providing the right travel advice and booking service for autism families like yours, whether you seek adventure or respite from everyday life.


By making memories with one another through travel, you can rediscover joy and forge stronger connections long after you come home.







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