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Most parents with autistic children fear doing anything that isn’t part of the daily routine. There are very few simple choices. Vacations tend to become stressful even before they happen. We have put together a great collection of articles, tools, links and other resources to help when planning a vacation.  And always feel free to call on me for assistance any time!


  • Disney: You will find tips for planning a vacation at one of the Disney theme parks as well as other Disney-related articles.
  • Great Outdoors & Scouting: If you’re really into getting in touch with nature, here are some helpful articles on camping and scouting.
  • Staycations: Here are some ideas and planning tips for popular staycation getaways (including ones you can have at home).
  • Planning: When you are looking for effective strategies to plan for a successful vacation, check out these articles.

Autism-Related Products and Services for Travel


We will provide some amazing products, tools, and resources created by Your Autism Guide as well as from our partners.